Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly
Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly

Childhood dreams

Are you one of those people who knew from childhood on what you wanted to be when you grew older?
Have you chased that childhood-dream and are you living it right now?
I do so admire those who understood and discovered their talents and creativity as a child and took it with them in their professional lives.  They are probably happy in their jobs and have long achieved what they longed to achieve.  As they say, if you make your hobby your job, you don’t work a day in your life.

12 professions, 13 misfortunes

I for myself am a nutcase when it comes to jobs.
If I have to believe our government, I am just a bit over half of my career, still as many years to go.  All my professional life I have been a great example of a saying we have in dutch: 12 professions, 13 misfortunes.
Though I lost counting after the dozen.  And still I am on the lookout….
Searching for myself , what do I love doing and where can I feel happy? What I DO know with certainty, is that I am losing myself completely in the jobs I am doing lately and definitely not in the good sense of the word.
They don’t provide me with any fulfillment and they suck up my energy without giving anything in return (except for being paid each month).


The only job I really enjoyed after all the tryouts I had in my life is the guiding of excursions in Greece.
If you would have told me this when I were younger I would have never believed any of it.
I hated from the bottom of my heart, having to give an oral presentation in front of the classroom.  Speaking in a group gave me nerves weeks beforehand.  For sure I have not been born as a politician.
And still, it makes me smile.  I love the interaction with people of all nationalities, in different languages, the being outside, not being stuck on an office chair all day long, the difference each day brings.

Accidents happen

I was truly happy the summer of 2017 on Kos.  Until out of the blue I got involved in an accident with my electrical scooter and badly broke my ankle.  For sure it was a life-changing event.. Having been independent my whole life, suddenly I could not stand on my own 2 feet anymore.
I had been thinking before about trying to find a job I could do wherever I would prefer to be, being employed as a digital nomad as to say.  Not having to change every half year or so, living 7 months in Greece and the leftovers in Belgium.  Starting all over from the bottom of the professional staircase each time again.

Allergic reactions

However I could not see myself NOT changing jobs regularly.  Being allergic to habits and boredom, I am fond of changes, learning new things each day.  I cannot imagine myself being glued to the same office chair all the next days of my working life.
Since I was forced to spend a lot of time indoors, making recovery after the accident, I had plenty of time to wonder and consider.

Written paintings

Actually I have been writing all my life.  I had a collection of pen pals when I were younger at school, some of them being still somehow in my life thanks to Facebook.
I have been sending e-mails to my friends in Belgium, painting written pictures about my adventures in Greece.
Even my colleagues at most of my jobs (and I had countless), complimented me on my e-mails being straight to the point and exactly right.
And indeed, I do love writing (and reading as a matter of fact).  So why not make it a career?

The first day of the rest of your life

Being bombed each day with expressions like: “today is the first day of the rest of your life”, I decided one day in the near future is going to be that day!
I subscribed to a program here in Belgium to get some help and advice to start your own business.
Being fully aware, a life change is never easy neither painless, I wanted to give it all my time and efforts.
Unfortunately the system rejected me, telling me I was not ready enough.
So when is ready, ready enough?

I guess it ‘s hard trying to convince future employers you are the woman for the job given that I don’t have any previous experience in that category.
I am going to follow courses, am already studying online but it all takes time.
And in the meantime I am fed up with my office chair.
The unemployment system in Belgium tries to keep me on that chair since competent office staff is extremely hard to find.

The birth of a blog

I decided to start this blog and learn during the process.  Because what you love doing, you do best!
It’s up to you, my dear readers, to let me know your opinions.  Please, don’t hold back!

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