How to become an online business owner?

Become an online business owner: be your own boss and how it’s done. This is my story… and I am committed to help others achieve the same results!

Dream life?

Photo collage of the beach at Kyra Panagia at Karpathos and Myrthos beach at Kefalonia
Life is better at the beach

Actually I was trying to do all I could to live my dream life. I am born in Belgium but I fell in love with another country: Greece. I wanted to spend as much time as possible there so I was living 2 part-time lives: the summers in Greece and the winters in Belgium to get an office job that paid a bit more to put some money aside to be able to spend my summer in Greece again.

But somehow this was never enough and very tiring. Switching jobs each half year, looking for a new one in winter times each time again. Starting from scratch at a minimum wage.
Also living on only one island and working 6 days out of 7 never gave me the opportunity to travel to other islands to spend my holidays.

Accidents do happen

Then the summer of 2017 my accident happened, I got hit by a motorbike coming from the beach one day after job. With an ankle badly broken, I spend the last 2 years more or less recovering, working here and there but unfortunately not on Kos ( ) again. I was guiding excursions, a job I truly loved. But with a bad balance and a painful ankle, walking became a real challenge instead of a hobby.
So there I found myself being stuck in an office chair constantly.

Stuck on the highway: destination burn-out

Picture of a man riding a donkey on Lipsi Island
Even slowly you will progress as long as you keep going forward

A while ago now, I decided I was so dead tired of working in an office, being the slave of a boss who probably is not even really aware of my existence but is very happy to become richer by the efforts I provide. It’s pure madness. Feeling locked inside between the walls. On the highway to a burnout.
Waking up every morning, especially in winter time, when it’s still night and returning in the evening only to have time to be occupied with the daily routine that needs to be done such as cooking, cleaning, doing the dishes, etc.
Seeing my mental health vanish sitting on that office chair, dealing with a job that doesn’t give you any fulfillment or inspiration.
Somehow I never fitted in. I can’t explain otherwise. I wanted to become my own boss!

You can’t pour out of an empty can

Home is where the heart is
I left mine in Greece

Growing older, and I DO hope also wiser, I came to realize that I am not made for this kind of opportunities without any creativity. They are emptying my soul and my spirit.
The road with the huge amount of traffic aggression on the way to and from the job, was causing me a lot of stress.
The amount of days off never were sufficient to make the travels I wanted to make. I missed time for hobbies and pastimes I really enjoyed.
For those reasons and many others more, I decided it was time to work from home. And for me home means, wherever I want to be home at the point in my life. I was on the rescue for myself and my physical and mental health.
Worth saving if you ask me. 😉

What’s next?

A fisherman returning with sunset to the harbor at Kalymnos island
Be ready to take action

So I have made that decision and then what’s next?
Where do you start? What kind of job do you plan to do from home? What job will offer you the freedom to travel and work whenever / wherever?
What kind of job gives you fulfillment when your customers are pleased and you can have your own creative input? How do you become an online business owner?

Searching the web

So you start searching the web!? What better place to start to find an digital job? Doesn’t the internet not offer a problem for every solution? Or was it: a solution for every problem? 😀
Actually I found a mixture of both.

Statue of a woman waiting on the beach at Diafani , Karpathos island

Belgium seems to have so many governmental supported organizations and they seem to be wishing you all the best in your career, offering training, education, career support etc etc.
If you start looking further however, the way I was living, I seemed not to fit into one of the programs being offered.
Either I was being unemployed an it was only offered for employees. Or I was employed and then I didn’t have the opportunities and time to study or educate myself further.

I started to become rather desperate. But who said: he will search, will find?
It was one of my lucky days when I stumbled upon this online opportunity! Somebody (my mentor) offered me everything I had been looking for!
Indeed, I was skeptical at first, who wouldn’t be. It all seemed too easy to be true: working from home, no boss needed, training and help provided, being guided all the way…. my kind of business! Spending time on social media, something most of us are being occupied with regularly already, and being able to make money out of it.

My kind of online job

And exactly what I was looking for: working at my terms, not HAVING to get out of bed in the mornings, no need to wake up in speed action, not facing the traffic anymore and being able to work from home or whatever home is like for me!
I can travel as much as I want, even work from the beach so beach time will not be limited anymore to just after working hours.
But most of all I love my freedom, deciding for myself how hard I want to work and picking the fruits of my OWN commitment. Not making my boss richer anymore since I don’t need a boss anymore.

Just trust

Picture of a ladder descending into the crystal clear water of Plati Island, Greece with the text: Don't be afraid to jump in
Don’t be afraid

I know this is not for everyone, many people are not willing to trust (in others and mostly in themselves), a lot of you will be too afraid to take the plunge into the deep….
I decided I had more to win than to loose in trying it out. What was there to loose really?
Ever since I watched this webinar where they explained what it was about and how it was done, I became really intrigued. I wanted to start right away.
I haven’t regretted it one single day! For sure you have to put an effort into it but nothing is more rewarding than picking the fruits of your own labor.

The world is mine

World, here I come!
If you want to know more about making the world yours, feel free to ask or check out my page:

You can register with just a name and e-mail to get access to the same kind of life no-cost webinar I watched some time ago. The webinar explains what we do, how it’s done and what is expected of you. It only takes about 90 minutes of your time and there are no strings attached, no obligations. The decision to jump in is all yours and yours alone. You will receive more info in your inbox, so check the spam folder when it seems like nothing arrives.

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Job advantages

You will be landing in a team, all willing to help and support you! The system has been proven fulfilling and the only part left for you is the fun part: enjoying and living your life to the fullest while working!





Light at the end of the tunnel…

The pedestrian tunnel under the river Schelde in Antwerp, beautifully lighted
Light in the tunnel

For me it was the light at the end of the tunnel. I am positive again because I can see a better future for myself.
I met so many nice, helpful people whilst every day I am learning new lessons, being an online business owner.
The integrity of the group is really inspiring. I didn’t know anything about social media marketing but there is no experience needed whatsoever and you will be guided all the way.
They are wanting to help people getting the same results as they do and they have a full functioning set up system that they are willing to share for the action takers in the world. Our team is growing daily. So why don’t you join? 😀
The only regret I have is not having found this earlier in my life!

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